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City Bin Indoor Composter

Photos by Deborah Lee Proaño

The City Bin indoor composter is made of recycled plastic and manufactured in the USA.  It utilizes a space-saving design that will also minimize the materials used in shipping (another environmental benefit!).  It is the size of an average bathroom waste basket and, importantly, something you would be happy to leave on display in your home (instead of hiding under the sink).  

Unlike many composters that already exist on the market, the City Bin indoor composter:​

     ·Has a sleek, modern design that will fit in with any household décor

     ·Is the size of a bathroom wastebasket and can easily fit in the kitchen, bathroom,    ​

​      under the sink, or​ on a balcony

     ·Produces fully useable compost​

     ·Does not require super strength to turn the compost

     ·Is so easy to use, one could train a child to compost using the City Bin ​​​


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